District 10
District of Livestock


District 10's principal field of work is livestock. This district supplies a high percentage of the food for the Capitol, as they attend to cows and other animals to produce a whole range of food items.


It is known that the wedding ceremonies of District 10 and 4 are similar.

Industry Livestock
Alliance Capitol
Population 0



  • There are no real rights to the citizens of District 10.



  • Un-named female: she was the female tribute in the 74th annual Hunger Games for District 10. She died on the first day placing between 23rd and 14th. Along with 20 other tributes her DNA was used to make a wolf mutt that looked like her.
  • Un-named male: he was the male tribute in the 74th annual Hunger Games for District 10. He had a crippled foot but made it through the bloodbath. He was killed on the 8th day placing 10th out of 24. Along with most of the other tributes his DNA was used to create a mutt that looked like him.


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